The University of Texas at Austin prides itself on upholding the core values of its
Honor Code since its implementation in 2004. Learning, discovery, freedom, leadership, individual opportunity, and responsibility are imperative parts of the student life and the culture on campus.

The Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) was formed in the mid-eighties and continues, to this day, to play an integral role in bringing a greater understanding and appreciation about the Honor Code to UT Austin. The foci of all initiatives taken by AIC are to promote and ensure that the values of honesty and integrity are prevalent in the mind of every member of the University of Texas community.

AIC constantly hosts events to promote integrity on our prestigious campus, including IntegrityUT Week which has brought students, professors, administrators, and even business leaders together to help cultivate a community dedicated to the core values we so dearly cherish. Legislation written in support of integrating a more wide-spread exposure of the Honor Code is also an initiative of AIC.