Faculty Appreciation Week

Faculty Appreciation Week is a time honored tradition – a celebration of faculty-student relations at the university. Since 1999, the Senate of College Councils has brought The University of Texas at Austin together to celebrate our world-renowned faculty members and encourage and foster student-faculty interaction on the 40 Acres.

This year, Faculty Appreciation Week will include several student-run events in each of the 20 Councils, the Senate Professor of the Year Award, the Professors of the Year Reception, the President’s Reception, faculty discounts at neighboring businesses and athletic events and a campaign for 5,000 thank you letters to faculty members.

Student-Run Events

College Councils put on their own events for students to mingle with faculty and show appreciation through brunches, luncheons, and other social events. Academic Organizations are welcomed to throw events as well. Senate strives to help all of the councils and organization to host events by aiding them in publicity initiatives and by allocating catering opportunities to them.

Thank you Letters

Senate members table on Gregory Plaza and encourage students to write thank you letters to faculty members. Cookies and FA Week T-shirts are handed to students who write letters. Last year we received over 4,000 letters and mailed them out to faculty. This year, our goal is to write 5,000 letters! Click here for a list of thank you card writing prizes!

Senate Professor of the Year Award

Created two years ago, this award is given to one tenure or tenure-track professor who has a great teaching style, strong devotion to students, and who makes serious contribution to the university and his or her college. Nominees, nominated by the College Councils, and the recipient, chosen by an all-student panel, are both selected by solely students, revealing the qualities that students find most important in quality faculty members. The recipient is honored at both the Professor of the Year reception and a Texas basketball game during Faculty Appreciation Week.

Senate Professor of the Year Reception

The Professor of the Year reception is an event solely organized by the Faculty Affairs Committee in which the Professor of the Year is announced and Faculty Appreciation Week is inaugurated. Nominees and their nominators are invited to attend and mingle with Senate students, a presentation of each nominee and their work is shown, and food and refreshments are served. Last year, the event took place at the Littlefield house a few days before Faculty Appreciation Week.

Faculty Discounts

This year, faculty members will be able to enjoy discounts in neighboring businesses such as restaurants along with discounts to various athletic events on campus. We encourage faculty to take advantage of this opportunity.

President’s Reception

In past years, the President’s office, in conjunction with the Faculty Affairs Committee, has sponsored the 40+ reception and the Signature Course reception. This year, we hope to honor another esteemed group of faculty members at the event that will be graciously hosted by the President in the Main Building.

Get Involved

Students can get involved with FA Week by:

– Writing thank you cards to their favorite faculty members on Gregory Plaza
– Attending one of their college/school’s FA Week events during the week

Organizations and college councils can get involved with FA Week by:

– Hosting their own events during the week, such as professor breakfast and luncheons or other faculty-related events
– Nominating a professor for “Professor of the Year”

Faculty members can get involved with FA Week by:

– Attending organization and council FA Week events
– Taking advantage of the numerous discounts (from local restaurants and UT Athletics) offered to them.