Since April 2010, in response to state-mandated budget cuts, Senate has worked to create student budgetary advisory committees in each college/school at UT Austin. These committees, called College Tuition and Budget Advisory Committees, will consist of students and faculty and will advise college/school administrators on budgetary decisions within their particular college/school. Furthermore, CTBACs will bridge the divide between students and administrators as each college responds to the state-mandated, university-wide 5-percent budget cut announced in fall 2009 for the 2011-2012 budget cycle, and the 10-percent cut announced this summer for the 2012-2013 cycle. Additionally, CTBACs will educate students and the university community about the budgeting process and inform administrators about the students’ thoughts and opinions regarding their specific college/school’s budget.

Since passing S.R. 1002 in September 2010, each College Council wrote and passed a proposal that would create a CTBAC in their respective college/school. Furthermore, CTBACs are formed in all of the University’s 16 colleges/schools..