At-Large Representatives directly shape the academic culture of the university and plan university-wide events, as well as collaborate with the university’s 20 college councils and the Senate Executive Board to present the official voice of students in matters concerning academic affairs to faculty and administration.

At-Larges will each serve on one committee led by two Committee Chairs and hold two office hours every week. At-Larges will also have the opportunity to research and write legislation that will be voted on by the General Assembly. Find out more information about Senate’s internal committees at

As a 360 Connection, the Senate At-Large position provides a privileged opportunity for students to cultivate leadership skills and have the unique opportunity to collaborate on university-wide initiatives.

The At-Large position not only focuses on developing premier campus-wide leaders, but it also allows students to work with other driven, devoted individuals and capitalize on all the opportunities that the university has to offer.

2015-2016 At-Large Class

Aalap Diwanji
Abinav Kumar
Adrienne Epstein
Aman Hingu
Amy Ong
Ananya Jha
Bianca Hsieh
Caitland Campbell
Carl Ferguson
Chandler Forsythe
Chase Bennett
Chloe Riley
Christina Wen
David Jenkins
Diana Ayoub
Eli Rolfes
Emily Le
Enzo Modesto
Eric Yan
Erika Ong
Gordon Rogers
Hasan Tinwala
Himal Patel
Jacqueline Gibson
Jeremy Doran
Joyce Lee
Katherine Horstman
Keeton Schenck
Krista Polansky
Lauren Tran
Lu Barraza
Mackenzie Palmer
Nandeeta Patel
Nikhil Bhargava
Phoebe Lin
Pranav Nair
Ramanika Upneja
Rohan Sakalkale
Ruthvik Allala
Sanat Sharma
Sarah Herzer
Seth Krasne
Shreya Chandrasekar
Stewart Schweinfurth
Trenton Beckendorff
Victor Villalobos
Vivek Sharath
Vivianne Tu
Xena Nam