Recruitment and Retention Committee

The Recruitment and Retention Committee (R&R) focuses on bettering the retention of current students and faculty and improving recruitment programs to promote the pursuit of a higher education at The University of Texas at Austin. R&R will also explore retention issues specific to certain demographics at the university (e.g. Transfer Students, Latinos) by meeting with faculty and administrators to help implement new policies that improve overall academic experience for students. Additionally, R&R works to establish better connections with the different UT-Austin departments by integrating them into workshops and policy ideas to promote the student well-being on campus. R&R also puts on events such as Ready, Set, Go! to deliver information about the college application process to high school students, and Longhorn School Bus to introduce elementary school students to different areas of study on a college campus. Finally, R&R awards an Academic Improvement Scholarship (AIS) to a deserving student once a year for exceptional growth both academically and individually.

Current Committee Focus

• College Readiness – Community Workshops to Better Prepare High School Students for the College Admissions Process
• Transfer Student Tracking, Resources, and Orientation
• Latino Student Resources
• International Student Resources
• Academic Improvement Scholarship (AIS)

Ready, Set, Go! College Readiness Workshop

Ready, Set, Go! (RSG) is a college readiness workshop designed to help high school students learn the best steps in preparation for college success. Students and their families are invited to campus for the day and interact in a workshop consisting of: admissions, financial aid, campus resources, and much more. The workshop is geared to a general audience, and meant to be non-UT specific.
In the past, RSG has welcomed more than 250 Austin-area high school students and their families. Students attended several information sessions administered from UT-Austin faculty and administrators, as well as Senate student-leaders. This year, the event will take place on November 15th, 2014 from 9:30am – 2:30pm in the Jackson School of Geosciences at the University of Texas at Austin. Students will attend a keynote lecture from the Dean of Undergraduate Studies Brent Iverson, a mock lecture from College of Architecture’s Professor Lawrence Speck, and other workshops led by key faculty and administration.

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Current Chairs

Caity Campbell

Lu Barraza

Major(s): Rhetoric & Writing, Psychology
Year: Junior
Hometown: Cleburne, Texas
About: Caity loves going to brunch, baking, cats, and making people feel special on their birthdays.
Major(s): Advertising, Pre-Law
Year: Junior
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
About: Lu is a coffee addict, enjoys the outdoors, and loves Senate almost as much as he loves the New England Patriots. Almost.