Executive Board

2016-17 School Year


The Senate President, elected by the Senate General Assembly, is the chief executive officer of Senate and presides over General Assembly meetings, Executive Board meetings and Presidents Committee meetings. The President is the chief representative officer of Senate and makes decisions of representation in absence of the General Assembly or Executive Board.

Sergio Cavazos

Major(s): Government
Year: Senior
Hometown: Brownsville, Texas
Email: sergiocavazos@utexas.edu
About Sergio: Sergio is a fan of Game of Thrones, the New York Yankees, and has a little brother with the exact same birthday 19 years apart.
Resume Highlights: Policy Analyst for Representative Eddie Lucio III, Liberal Arts Representative in Student Government, Governmental Affairs Committee Chairman in Student Government, Judicial Court Court Clerk in Student Government, Texas Men of Excellence Mentor and General Member, Terry Foundation Scholar, Rapoport Service Scholar
Senate Involvement: Outreach and Development Committee At-Large, Liberal Arts Council Departmental Ambassadors Committee Chair, Liberal Arts Council Policy Ad-Hoc Committee Member, College of Liberal Arts CTBAC Member, Policy Director
Hogwarts House: Slytherin


Vice President

The Senate Vice President, elected by the Senate General Assembly, is responsible for supporting and engaging the College Councils by directing resources to benefit them, connecting councils on academic initiatives, and fostering collaboration among the Executive Board, committee chairs, and the College Councils. Additionally, the Executive Director co-chairs the Senate Representatives Committee, which serves as a forum of communication between the councils to discuss council undertakings, legislation, and other academic issues.

Austin Reynolds


Major(s): English Honors, Sociology
Year: Senior
Hometown: Texarkana, Texas
Email: austinreynolds@utexas.edu
About Austin: Austin is addicted to brunches. During the night time, he transforms into his alter-ego and plays Billy Joel songs in an underground bar. Austin likes black iced coffee, green olives, and feta cheese. He’s looking for an office. Can he use your’s?
Resume Highlights: English Honors Program, Liberal Arts Honors, Texans for Hillary Clinton, Texans for Wendy Davis
Senate Involvement: Liberal Arts Council President, Liberal Arts Council Student Affairs Co-Chair, Chair of Liberal Arts College Tuition and Budget Advisory Committee (CTBAC), Founder of Liberal Arts Dean Advisory Committee (DSAC), Member of Liberal Arts Council Legislation Sub-Committee Vice Chair of the Vicks Advising Award
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw


Financial Director

The Senate Financial Director, elected by the Senate General Assembly, is the chief budget and fiscal officer of the Senate and college council system, serving as the official liaison between the Executive Board and the council financial officers. The Financial Director develops and maintains the Senate and college council budgets, keeps detailed records of expenditures incurred by Senate and the councils and manages the organizational appropriations process.

Christopher Whitehair


Major(s): Finance
Year: Junior
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Email: christopherwhitehair7@gmail.com
About Chris: Chris is a World of Warcraft (WoW) enthusiast. Ever since he began making money from WoW in high school, Chris has let his passion for fund raising translate into his vision for Senate. Chris also loves slow walks on the beach, crying to marriage proposals, getting the final rose, and trying to potty train his joint-custody puppy Dean.
Resume Highlights: Established Internal Senate Excellence Fund, Fund raised over $65,000 while at the University of Texas, President’s Scholar, Intern at Rackspace Hosting and Dimensional Fund Advisers, and member of Texas Blazers, Delta Sigma Pi, and Capital Community.
Senate Involvement: Academic Enrichment At-Large (2014-2015), Development Coordinator (2015-2016), Financial Director (2016-2017)
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor


Policy Director

The Senate Policy Director, appointed by the Senate President, Vice President, and Financial Director, is responsible for being knowledgeable about and conducting research on University policy and proposed changes. The Policy Director will provide updated information on the status of pending Senate bills and resolutions, and at the request of Senate members, the Director will investigate and report on prior legislation activities of the Senate.

Bishop Wash


Major(s): Advertising
Year: Senior
Hometown: Allen, Texas
Email: wbishopwash3@gmail.com
About Bishop: Bishop Wash is a proud son of the state of Texas and is determined to make his mark on the land which he calls home. While at UT, Bishop has been involved in a wide range of activities and organizations including theatre, advertising, Communication Council, and most recently, the Senate of College Councils. With his eclectic array of interests, Bishop has been able to find joy in many aspects of life and intends to continue his accumulation of skills and passions until some unstoppable force simply brings him to a halt. At the end of the day, Bishop loves three things: his momma, his dad, and all of the irreplaceable values they have instilled in him up to this point. In the coming year, Bishop plans to do everything his power to give back to the university which he calls home and make certain that everyone else benefits from the work he puts forth.
Resume Highlights: Communication Council Special Events Chair, Communication Council Senate Representative, Moody College of Communication Legislation Task Force Founder and Communication Council 2015-2016 member of the year.
Senate Involvement: 2016-2017 will be Bishop’s first year as a member of internal Senate but has been collaborating with various Senate members on legislative initiatives since 2015.
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor


Internal Director

The Senate Internal Director, appointed by the Senate President, Vice President and Financial Director, serves as the Chief Internal Officer of Senate, overseeing the activities of all Senate committees and coordinators. The Internal Director acts as the liaison between the Executive Board, committee chairs, coordinators, and Senate Representatives. The Internal Director also co-chairs the Senate Representatives Committee along with the Vice President.

Zach Long


Major(s): Communication Studies, Human Relations
Year: Junior
Hometown: Kingwood, Texas
Email: zachary.long@utexas.edu
About Zach: Zach is arguably a classical music genius with Shostakovich, Mahler, and Tchaikovsky being his favorite composers. However, he regularly listens to classic country and rock and enjoys watching a good Food Network show. Zach considers himself to be an honorary member of the Bush family and wants to visit every Presidential Library and Museum in the country. Most importantly, Zach is looking forward to an excellent year in Senate, where College Councils and Internal Senate partner together to ensure that we serve all UT students!
Resume Highlights: University of Texas System Administration Intern in the Office of the Chancellor, Election Supervisory Board Vice-Chair and Communications Liaison, Students for Jeb! Campus Leader, Student Government Federal Relations Agency Director
Senate Involvement: Faculty Affairs Committee Co-Chair, Faculty Affairs Committee At-Large, Communication Council, UGS Writing Flag Committee, Educational Policy Committee, Academy of Distinguished Teachers Steering Committee, Senate 14-15 At-Large of the Year
Hogwarts House: Slytherin


Communications Director

The Senate Communications Director, appointed by the Senate President, Vice President, and Financial Director, is responsible for promoting Senate and the college councils to the University, keeping the University up to date on Senate initiatives and accomplishments and clearly articulating Senate’s mission and role on campus.

Jaime Villarreal, Jr.


Major(s): Government
Year: Senior
Hometown: Brownsville, Texas
Email: jaivillarreal04@utexas.edu
About Jaime: Jaime enjoys the West Wing, Harry Potter, and the Cardinals (not baseball!). He is wildy talented and plays 8 instruments. Talk to him about Constitutional Law and be prepared for humor that can only be appreciated by dads.
Resume Highlights: Policy Analyst – Office of State Rep. Eddie Lucio, III, Event Staff – UT Parking and Transportation Services, Associate Director of New Media – University of Texas Student Government
Senate Involvement: Senate Policy Expert
Hogwarts House: Slytherin


Administrative Director

The Senate Administrative Director, appointed by the Senate President, Vice President, and Financial Director, is in charge of compiling general meeting’s agendas, taking general meeting’s minutes, keeping the official attendance and voting records for councils, notifying councils and members of absences, and all other administrative tasks. Additionally, the Administrative Director facilitates organization among the Senate Leadership Team and is responsible for promoting and supporting the Senate agencies.

Jasmine Balbas


Major(s): Biology
Year: Senior
Hometown: El Paso, Texas
Email: jasmine.balbas@utexas.edu
About Jasmine: Jasmine is an avid Food Network watcher, LOVES french fries or anything in potato form, and plans to be a pediatrician in the near future.
Resume Highlights: Hugh O’ Brian Youth Leadership Junior Facilitator, University Medical Center Volunteer, Paul Foster Medical School Volunteer, Jester City Limits Student Manager, Business Foundation Program Certificate, Students Helping Admissions Recruitment Effort (SHARE) volunteer
Senate Involvement: Recruitment and Retention first year and returning at-large, Ethics and Leadership Flag Appointment, Sustainability New Course Development Awards Committee, Recruitment and Retention co-chair, Student Health Advisory Committee Appointment, Admission and Registration Committee Appointment
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw, obviously!


Membership Director

The Senate Membership Director, appointed by the Senate President, Vice President, and Financial Director, coordinates the selection process of at-large members and oversees their involvement in Senate. The Membership Director seeks to foster leadership development and cohesion within the At-Large class and encourage a sense of community throughout the organization, including college councils.

Sara Leonard


Major(s): English Honors and Political Communication
Year: Junior
Hometown: Richardson, Texas
Email: seleonard@utexas.edu
About Sara: Sara is a queso connoisseur, a Harry Potter fanatic, can’t watch enough of The Office, and loves a good book. Sara also knows every word to the musical Hamilton.
Resume Highlights: Communication Council Career and Alumni Relations Chair, Undergraduate Research Apprentice in the UT English Department, Intern for Texas Book Festival, Senior Fellows Honors Program, English Honors Program
Senate Involvement: Recruitment and Retention At-Large, Recruitment and Retention Co-Chair, Communication Council Career and Alumni Relations Chair, Admissions and Registration Committee
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw