College Councils

Architecture Council
Architecture Council
Natural Sciences Council
Liberal Arts Council
Communication Council
Pharmacy Council
Association of Nursing Graduate Students
Student Engineering Council
Social Work Council
Undergraduate Business Council
Undergraduate Studies Council
UT Nursing Student Association

College Councils represent the sixteen different colleges and schools of The University of Texas. Councils serve a unique role on campus that cannot be replicated by any other student organization. Councils work to promote academic excellence, to facilitate student-faculty interaction, and to host events and programs for the students of their college. Most importantly, Councils act to represent their students in matters of college-wide concern.

Each individual College Council has a specific purpose and structure that is unique to their college. Their format, purpose, and structure are thoroughly explained in their constitution. Each Council, however, shares a common focus and purpose of serving students within their particular college.

Each College Council strives to improve the state of their college. This can be done by sponsoring programs, providing services to students within the college, and accurately representing the opinions of students within the college.

College Councils also serve as an important communication link in their specific college. College Councils hear the concerns and ideas of students and voice those concerns to the college Dean on a regular basis.

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Association of Nurses in Graduate School

The Association of Nurses in Graduate School (ANGS) is the official graduate student nursing organization recognized by The University of Texas. All graduate nursing students are automatically members and are encouraged to be active participants. ANGS stated purpose is to promote the educational and professional development of nurses enrolled in graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin. The Association sponsors such activities as research colloquia, publishing seminars, and the Gallman Distinguished Lectureship.


Communication Council

Communication Council’s main purpose is to address student concerns in the College of Communication by fostering and maintaining a strong relationship with our college’s administration. Additionally, the Council facilitates interactions between students, faculty and staff in the college; represent the college at university-wide events; and serves the city of Austin through our volunteer and community service outreach.


Education Council

The Education Council is the official channel for student participation in policy-making and the development of student activities within the College of Education. To encourage communication and assure that students’ concerns are being heard, the Council has weekly meetings where anyone from the college or other educational fields can bring their concerns or aspirations. The Council provides volunteer opportunities within the university as well as in the community with such programs as: HOSTS tutoring, Victory tutorials, after school programs, etc. The Education Council also staffs the College of Education’s Annual Career Fair, College of Education Week and Faculty/Staff Appreciation Week.


Fine Arts Council

Fine Arts Council serves as the voice of the students of the College of Fine Arts, to the faculty and administration of the university. Through representation at university functions or projects that the Council conducts – the Fine Arts Council is able to bring about awareness of the arts. By serving and leading, the Council hopes to make the arts a part of everyday life.


Graduate Business Council

The mission of the Graduate Business Council is to promote social and intellectual interaction among members, faculty and student body. The Council also encourages teaching excellence, recommends means for improving facilities and provides a viable means for student expression. Furthermore, the Council provides a vehicle for the informal aspects of graduate education and conducts other activities in support of the overall welfare of the Graduate School of Business of The University of Texas at Austin.


Graduate Engineering Council

The primary purpose of the Graduate Engineering Council is to represent the interests of the graduate engineers at The University of Texas at Austin. The GEC fulfills this purpose, serving as a liaison between the Office of the Dean of Engineering, the Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies and graduate engineers in the College of Engineering.


Graduate Public Affairs Council

The mission of the Graduate Public Affairs Council (GPAC) is to serve the students of the LBJ School of Public Affairs community. In order to achieve this purpose, GPAC shall facilitate student initiatives; foster discussion and decision-making; and represent, and engage in advocacy on behalf of, students and their concerns.


Liberal Arts Council

The Liberal Arts Council devotes itself to the furtherance of the Liberal Arts by: providing a means of communication between faculty and students; assisting in the improvement of academic standards through the investigation of problems seeking to enhance the quality of life within the college by promoting programs; improving student awareness of the college across the campus.


Master in Professional Accounting Council

The Master in Professional Accounting Council addresses the community building, academic and professional development and community service needs of students in the Master in Professional Accounting (MPA) program.


Natural Sciences Council

The Natural Sciences Council was started in 1972 to serve as a liaison between the students in the College of Natural Sciences and the Natural Sciences faculty. The Council is in existence to help direct criticism of certain programs in the college, as well as make attempts to resolve the problems students run into in their daily interactions with the College of Natural Sciences. NSC also puts on several social and informal activities for students in the college.


Pharmacy Council

The mission of the Pharmacy Council is to provide an official voice through which student opinion may be expressed in the College of Pharmacy; provide a means for responsible and effective participation in this organization; allow a system to enhance the quality and scope of education within the College of Pharmacy; and provide support for projects related to Pharmacy as a profession and its related fields which will benefit the university, the college, the students and the community.


Social Work Council

The Social Work Council attempts to further the education of social work students by providing a forum for communication with faculty and staff to improve the school of social work. The Council also provides educational, service and social action activities to enhance student involvement and cohesion.


Student Association of the School of Information

The Student Association of the School of Information is the official council for the School of Information at The University of Texas. The Council’s mission is to promote a sense of community within the School of Information and foster professionalism and leadership within our student body. The Council serves as a link between School of Information students and the administration of the school and the university. The Council is also a member of the Senate of College Councils and appoints representatives to the Graduate Student Association and other committees.


Student Bar Association

The student body of the law school is organized as a Student Bar Association, the membership of which includes all students in the school. The officers of the association are president, vice president secretary, treasurer, and Board of Governors. The organization co- ordinates the intellectual, cultural, social, and community service activities of the student body. Its goals are to unify the students and direct them toward worthy ends and to enhance cooperation and understanding among students.


Student Engineering Council

The Student Engineering Council helps provide a vital and necessary bond between the students of the College of Engineering, its administration and the professional world. Through career fairs, competitions, and other programs the Engineering Council teaches and communicates information about academic issues, professional topics, and general interests. By coordinating the activities of some 40+ professional and academic engineering societies, the Council helps to expand and strengthen the spirit and dedication of current students.


Undergraduate Architecture Student Council

The purpose of the Undergraduate Architecture Student Council is to promote and develop an awareness of the building environment, serve as a nucleus for student activities and interests, serve as a liaison for the students to the faculty administration and the professional in architecture.


Undergraduate Business Council

The Undergraduate Business Council serves as a vital link between the students of the College of Business Administration, its faculty, administration, and the professional world. Through programs, expos, and lectures, the Business Council educates and informs the student body about academic issues, professional topics, and general interests. By organizing and coordinating the student organizations, the Council helps to bring a small-school atmosphere to a big-school mentality.

Since its creation, UBC’s responsibilities in undergraduate education have expanded and taken on the additional role of student governance. In the past, the UBC limited its role by providing only professional and academic programs for students to attend. Today, the Council continues that trend and additionally, it vocalizes and advocates undergraduate business student issues to the administration.


Undergraduate Geological Society

The mission of the Undergraduate Geological Society is to provide an organization for undergraduate geology students to unite in a social and professional environment. The organization’s major activities include meetings, field trips, speakers, social events and community involvement.


Undergraduate Studies Council

The Undergraduate Studies Council (UGSC) is the official representative student organization for the School of Undergraduate Studies. The Council provides a platform for UGS students to explore leadership while planning and executing beneficial events and activities for fellow students.


UT Nursing Students Association

The UT Nursing Students Association (UTNSA) is a student nursing association dedicated to promoting professionalism and leadership for UT nursing students. The Council represents over 200 student nurses from The University of Texas at Austin preparing for initial licensure as registered nurses..